(sold) Tommy – the Atomic Robot, AKA 024 293 1524

Tommy - the Atomic Robot, AKA 024 293 1524








It walks, It talks, it shines, it even smokes

Deze batterij robot met serienr 024 293 1524 heeft geen modelnr sticker (atthans ik zie deze niet)
Maar is dus een rijdende, botsende robot die kan praten (vanaf een plaat heb ik ergens gelezen)
en is bijna niet te verstaan. Maar goed voor die weten wat dit is, weten ook ongeveer de prijs.

These are identical to the Magic Mike robots, except that instead of saying Magic Mike, they have a ‘serial number’ – 024 293 1524 – and a ‘model number’ – 2 Model-B – with the exception of the red robot, who only has the 2002 moniker like his brothers. I have found an identical robot in white on eBay that was still in his original box so I now know for sure this robots identity! Gotta love eBay, right? 🙂

Like the Magic Mike robots, these implement simple bump-‘n-go motion and will speak when you press the button on top of their heads. The gold and the silver robots accomplish this with a plastic record and a needle where the other two use electronic circuitry. All four blow smoke if you place a drop of 3-in-1 oil in the small hole in front of the large button on their heads.

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